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At Brand K-9 we use innovative methods to achieve fantastic results and create a relationship where your dog loves to learn, loves to listen and loves to please.

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At Brand K-9 we use innovative methods to achieve fantastic results and create a relationship where your dog loves to learn, loves to listen, and loves to please.

In a word... Passion!

I have experience, I have multiple qualifications, I constantly strive to be better, but what separates me? My PASSION! With Brand-K9 you are guaranteed the best service, the best training, and the best aftercare to help you succeed for a happy, well trained best friend! 

Training your dog to the highest standards is just the beginning, I provide exceptional coaching, advise, programmes, and support for you to continue the high levels of success your dog has achieved.

Our Approach

Our Quality Assurance Promise

Our Five Core Values

 We deliver after care training programmes, how to videos, and excellent support to ensure the training is effective and your dog is progressing.

We also provide training for our dog’s owners, because we recognise that the success of the training depends on the owner’s ability to understand and implement the techniques.

01 Personal Approach

With each residential stay your dog will be trained from start to finish by me! This will allow you to meet me in person and feel comfortable who your dog will be staying and/or training with. It also guarantees consistency and top-level training. Often when you mix too many trainers, skill levels, commands used, and non-verbal communications this can confuse the dog. Therefore, with me you are guaranteed a fantastic level of quality!

02 Super Qualified

One of my many passions in the dog training world is to learn and keep on learning. I have an array of dog training qualifications found on “qualifications” as well as currently undertaking additional qualifications and continually striving to be the best.

03 Driven by passion and results

My best attribute is my passion! I love training dogs and understanding them on their level to get to the root cause of the problem and watch them flourish through their training. There is nothing more rewarding to me than transforming a dog and seeing the happiness and confidence shine through as they thrive in their training.

04 Customer Focused

Training and reforming your dog is the second most important element, the top priority is you! I will set an incredible foundation, creating a conditioned dog that loves to listen and please but to continue their success and live their best lives relies on consistency and maintaining that solid foundation. This is where I will go above and beyond to give you the understanding, the know how and the support to continue.

05 Updates Galore

I understand how much you’ll miss your best friend when they’re away from you, but rest assured they will be in great hands. You will receive video updates, pictures and Progress reports via phone or voice notes so you feel you are experiencing the journey alongside your best friend.
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A Bit About Me

Who Is Josh Brand?

Josh has been working with dogs as a passion since 2017 and has taken this desire to the next level by leaving the Police force to work professionally with dogs since 2022, and now in 2023 forming his own premium dog-training business, Brand K-9.

“I am incredibly passionate about what I do, and I continuously strive to give every dog a unique training experience and provide you with the confidence and tools to continue the success. I am forever expanding my knowledge with modern methods as well as tried and tested methods to achieve fantastic results.”

My Qualifications

Building Trust And Respect Between You And Your Dog

With a Bespoke training plan tailored to you, your dog, and your unique personalities we’ll produce a dog that is eager to learn and a joy to train.

Here are some qualifications that back our knowledge and commitment towards excellence.

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