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Residential Stay and Train Package In Essex

Are you tired of dealing with your dog’s unruly behaviour?

I am a highly experienced and dedicated trainer here to provide top-notch dog training services in the heart of Essex. I understand that every dog is unique, and that’s why I offer bespoke training programs tailored to meet your dog’s specific needs and temperament.

About the training

Want a completely reformed dog, or want to hit the re-set button? You have come to the right section; this is the ultimate package that delivers round the clock training while living with Brand K-9’s leading trainer. From start to finish your dog will be working personally with me to transform their behaviours, putting an end to the unwanted and increasing the desired! Throughout their time with me and beyond I will provide you with the tools and support to continue their success.

Important Info:

  • Reactive cases require a minimum of 3 weeks
  • Aggressive cases are suited to the Kennel & Train Package and full consultation to take place before acceptance of your dog (this fee will be taken off the stay)

Why choose Brand K-9 for your dog's training needs?

  • Professional Expertise: My passion is for dogs and I have possessed extensive knowledge and expertise in canine behaviour and training techniques. 
  • Customised Training Programs: I create personalised training programs to address your pet’s specific needs and challenges. From puppies to adult dogs, I have the perfect program for your dog.
  • Solution Based Trainer:I use slip leads and balanced training methods combined with positive reinforcement. My training methods focus on rewarding good behaviour, making the learning experience enjoyable and effective for your dog.
  • Comfortable Homestay Training: My approach includes homestay training, where your dog receives one-on-one attention in a comfortable and familiar environment. I will work closely with you to ensure consistent progress and results.

What your dog will learn

What You'll Learn

Starts At

£ 105 per night


Between 2 to 4 Weeks


  • 2 weeks: £2000
  • 3 weeks: £2750
  • 4 weeks: £3250 

Get In Touch…

Don’t let behavioural issues hold back the amazing potential of your beloved dog. Join the countless satisfied dog owners in Essex who have experienced the magic of Brand K-9.

Act now and embark on an incredible journey towards a well-behaved and happy dog!

Call me on 07780 646 612 to find out more!

General Questions

After you have decided this is the right package for you and your dog, we will go through all of the necessary paperwork and your dog’s training requirements. Drop off is always recommended, so you are able to meet me personally and go through your dog’s needs, however collections are available upon request. I will then create a programme for the next 3-4 weeks and get started from day one.

Your dog will be staying with me, Josh Brand. I have a higher standard Animal Activity License to safely board your dog! (To see the licence please see the “Qualifications” Section.

You will be updated a minimum of 5x a week, this will be done via video updates, pictures, voice notes and phone calls, as well as a personalised before and after video.

Within the week before collection, you will receive your how-to video guides. These are great to use as references and they show you why, when, and how to perform the exercises and techniques.

On the day of collection, you will receive a 121 with your dog and I will walk you through everything they have been up to, their commands learnt and more importantly I will show you how to keep up the good work.

You will also receive your one-month programme and a Brand K-9 Gift bag.

By now you will have the video guides, the know-how and the programme to follow through to lead you on your way for a lifetime of happiness for you and your best friend. I’ll then personally be making contact each week to give you any support and advice I can as well as a free 121 In home at the end of your 4-week programme. 


Woof at us

We know how to understand your dog and will be more than happy to tailor the perfect service to your dog.

Need Some Help?

Please allow 24-hours for a response to any questions. Thank you!


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